Xcorps Action Sports TV #11.) MTN.HIGH seg.3 HD

Uploaded on Friday 6 May 2011


Xcorps Action Sports Show #11.)"MTN.HIGH" -seg.3 HD- The Xcorps team heads to fresh pal powder in this winter episode shot at So. Cals Mtn High resort and Alaskas Valdez Mtns.
Sweet XC host Roslyn Bradle opens the show with a little air under her snowboard at Mtn High in Wrightwood Ca looking good and moving fast. Also the first shots of the elusive and rare Guerilla Boarder-the resorts own BigFoot- appear here with XC cams catching the beast pulling moves to Maverick Records band Soul Hooligan. The monkey has talents!
What follows next is what we do best cutting the edge with hosts Bob Woodard and Eric Ducharme testing out the new model snow bikes with a Go Big attitude and a knack for avoiding the ski patrol. MRM Placement band Issues pumps the POV style action on these bikes with Bob and Eric leaving all behind. Check out X Guru Ducharmes massive Big Air over the Gap! Warning- do not attempt these moves- our hosts are fully XC qualified and adrenalized into a near mad mental state! After that Roslyn talks to Mountain Highs John McColly about the seasons events like the H2o Winter Classic and the ever-popular Pond Skim event which Bob and Eric take part in. Its not easy skimming across an ice pond to the other side but team XC steps up with Bob on his snowboard and Eric on his monoski. Lots of laughs here for sure with many that fail and dunk hard! See how Bob and Eric handle the H2o crossing. Sweet Roslyn riding the ski lift intros a new music video from Maverick Records hot chick band- Lillix. Nice high-end talent and production values here and the girls can sing!
Following the video field XC host Pete Clark reports from Prince William Sound Valdez Alaska where he joins with Points North Heli Adventures for some X style vert boarding. See Pete and the boys from Outcast productions hop the chopper and rip the north frontier peaks. Just another day for our Xcorps hosts. Nice shots of Alaskan scenics and wildlife here. Music by SRH Records Sprung Monkey and San Diego band Pivit.
The show wraps with XC host Jason Lazo reporting from Detroit Michigan with a preview for the next show where he hangs at a concert with the band NHOI on tour from So cal. Additional tunes by Paul Oakenfold, Carla Werner and Ice Cube. Get it on up baby! See the action Hear the Music -Join the Xcorps. TRT-29:30 Close Captioned
Created by J.S.Edmondson 10/2003
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