Xcorps Action Sports TV #24.) RCX seg.3

Uploaded on Friday 6 May 2011


Xcorps Action Sports Show #24.)"RCX"-seg.3 HD- This nitro powered episode of the Xcorps introduces the viewer to the adrenalized world of 1/8 scale top fuel remote control trophy car racing at the ARC track in Murrieta California, pro Disc Golf in Washington D.C and 2nd generation jet H20 X board action in Maui Hawaii.
The show opens with speed junkie host Rat Sult fully involved and charging his number 4 car to the lead of the screaming pack. These RC racers start at over a thousand dollars and take remote control racing to the 60 mph 30 foot airborne level. Lots of sweet crashes here too. Rat talks with pro racer Paul Coleman about his strategy for a win. Maverick Records band Unloco along with Suburban Noize label band KottonMouth Kings keep the piece off the ground and rolling hard.
In the next segment Rat thros to host Bob Woodard seaside at the Carlsbad lagoon testing the X Board -- a new H2o jet powered surfboard from a company called CyberAds. Watch sweet bikini clad girls riding these X boards fast and smooth in California and Maui Hawaii edited to a cool and freaky animated video from Rive Video featuring the RoadRunner Records band To My Surprise doing their song In The Mood. Fun stuff. Bob talks with company man Jim Habig about this insane ride. Then more shots of hard body bikini chicks on X Boards.
After the break Rat returns to intro XC host Eric the X Guru Ducharme in Washington D.C. covering the sport of Disc Golf at one of the oldest disc courses in the U.S.-Calvert- near the University of Maryland campus. The disc golf concept follows traditional golf with 18 holes- metal chain baskets- with an average par of 3 per hole. Specialized discs are used for drives, mid range and putt shots. Eric shows his throwing skills and talks with pro disc golfer DJ Wimer about his 1st cash win and asks player Pete Okorn for 3 words describing the growing sport. XC host Jason Lazos band Don Juan Invitation backs the piece with their song Dime Store Baby.
Segment 4 brings Rat Sult back for more nitro RC race action with some huge overhead big air jumps and Rat talking to Paul Coleman and 1st place winner Ray Norte driving his winning car an Offenheimer 7. The show wraps with Rat and KottonMouth Kings band member and fellow racer D-LOC throwing some love to the sport and the Xcorps audience. See the Action-Hear the Music-Join the Xcorps!
TrT-29:30 Close Captioned
Created by J.S.Edmondson 8/05
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