Xcorps Action Sports TV #37.) XCORR1 seg.2 HD

Uploaded on Sunday 8 May 2011


Xcorps Action Sports Show #37.)"XCORR-1"-seg.2 HD - Xcorps Action Sports TV shoots the Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) events in Antelope Valley Ca and Chula Vista California.
This Xcorps episode is part 1 of the ongoing X motor sports series featuring the CORR races shot at cool tracks in San Diego Ca. and in the high desert north-east of Los Angeles near Palmdale. Hosted by X Games Gold Man Rat Sult along with anchor Jason Lazo these shows rev their way across and above the dirt track with 800 HP excitement bringing viewers a look at a new era in motorsports -- offroad dirt track stadium racing-Baja big air style!
Classes include 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive trucks and buggies racing on closed course big bump off road tracks resulting in lots of truck to truck destructo combat!
The 2007 CORR season includes seven events in Los Angeles and San Diego, CA; Dallas, TX and Las Vegas, NV.
In both these Xcorps shows watch insane action with mud flying from trucks driven by the likes of pros Ricky Johnson, Josh Baldwin, Alan Pflueger, Curt LeDuc, Carl Renezeder, Ed,Tim and Troy Herbst along with Jerry Welchel and Rob MacCachren and many others.
Members of the Xcorps Hall of Fame action sports guest star drivers Jeremy McGrath and Mike Metzger added to the fun by driving Baldwin prepared Pro 2 and Monster Energy trucks in their usual air style!
A new era of motor sports is born! Thanks to the Baldwin family for making it happen and watch it on Xcorps baby all backed by great new music and videos from Maverick Records-Suburban Noize Records and RIVE! See http://www.corracing.com/ for more info.
See The Action-Hear The Music-Join The Xcorps!
J.S.Edmondson 9/07
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