Xcorps Action Sports TV #4 ) AIRBORNE seg.3 HD

Uploaded on Thursday 5 May 2011


Xcorps Action Sports Show #4.)"AIRBORNE"-seg.3 HD- The X Corps crew takes to the air in this high flying episode with hosts Roslyn Bradle and Jason Lazo strapping on parasails at 15,000 feet and Red Barron Bob Woodard taking off for wild moves in a 1927 TravelAir open cockpit biplane.

New tunes from Maverick Records roll this show hard and up with fresh sounds from Paul Oakenfold and tracks from the Austin Powers movie Goldmember. Prodigy's - Baby's Got a Temper - CD powers a segment with XC host X Guru Eric Ducharme as he introduces a cool new ride -- the Trikke at the beach in Encinitas. Your feet never need to touch the ground on this new fun sport item.

X Corps veteran Ray Murphy joins the mayhem with some smoke jumping and fast canopy swoops in the skies over Lake Ellsinore Ca. Ray who is a pro skydiver with over 3500 skydive jumps is also a B.A.S.E. jumper with footage on this show to prove it BIG! Drop face to face with Roslyn and Jason as they plummet at 120 MPH straight toward earth. Multiple POV camera angles here provided by fellow divers. Check out the landings!

New tunes here from the LMC Records band Off By One. Crank it up!
After that it's back to Bob Woodard in the open cockpit of his biplane on beach patrol over the Carlsbad breaks. Feel the wind, check the waves and see what a Red Barron thrill ride is all about. For more info go to http://www.barnstorming.com After Bob lands he intro's a trippy new video from Maverick Records artist Paul Oakenfold featuring Shifty called Starry Eyed Surprise. Chill to this one.

Still adrenalized after their jump Roz and Jason close the show from the jump zone at Lake Ellsinore with a preview clip from the next show - Paintball - where team XC battles team Vengeance and Roslyn goes to jail. Go big or go home!
Created by J.S.Edmondson 8/2002
TRT-29:30 Close Captioned
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Language: English

Length: 5:47

Country: United States