Xcorps Action Sports TV #53.) WHITE BIRD seg.1 HD

Uploaded on Tuesday 10 May 2011


Xcorps #53.) WHITE BIRD -seg.1 HD- The Road X Tour adventure continues with Xcams following show host adventurer Jason Lazo behind the wheel rolling into the wild Hells Canyon area of western Idaho rocketing up class 4 rapids in a 600 HP twin jet custom Benz river boat. This is a return trip to roll with our friends at Killgore Adventure river outfitters where in a previous XC episode Jason caught a 9 foot 250 pound monster Sturgeon fish on the river called The Snake!

The wild clean big outdoors fills the big screen in this show with the Xcams going wide to catch a gorge 2000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon cut out by one of the longest and remote U.S. rivers all captured on HD tape for the XC viewer!

The show opens up with Jason in Twin Falls Idaho at the Snake River canyon Perrine Bridge checking out the BASE jump action at one of the few places in the U.S. where it is LEGAL to jump off a bridge that is 486 feet over a river though a parachute is required!

Next catch Jason in Whitebird Idaho-pop.150- dropping down to Pittsburg Landing in the Hells Canyon National Recreation area to meet with Katie Marek and Kurt Killgore skipper of the boat Happy Hour! Killgore Adventures provides jet boat river tours, hunting and fishing on the Snake and Salmon Rivers. This is wild outdoor adventures Xcorps style!

Just another day on the Xcorps! Music from the Suburban NoiZe Records band (Hed) p.e. doing their song "Planet X"
along with Danish rockabilly band Volbeat rolling their song "We".
Thanks to Killgore adventures and the Idaho Tourism Board for production assistance in this show. See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
Created by J.S.Edmondson 5/11
Closed Captioned.
©2011 TheXcorps
Killgore Adventures: http://killgoreadventures.com/


Language: English

Length: 3:11

Country: United States