Xcorps Borrego Desert 4x4 Adventures Featuring Hunter Valentine

Uploaded on Wednesday 5 June 2013


Xcorps Borrego Desert 4x4 Adventures Featuring Hunter Valentine - Team Xcorps rolls into Southern California’s Borrego Desert State Park here for some low gear 4X4 off road rock crawling excitement in a super remote area known for its Spanish history and massive pristine natural beauty – Coyote Canyon!
Check the ON and OFF road moves here with sweet sunrise and sunset shots in the desert park which has more than 500 off road miles available to roll down! The Xcorps Jeep even managed a couple small running stream crossings at a place the Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza camped in 1774. Water is very scarse in this desert that often hits triple numbers in the Summer. The place MUST be respected on many levels!
As usual Xcorps cameras were the only ones rolling with very few vehicles at all to be seen in the 105-degree heat! To shoot this video Xcorps used the new Sony HDR AS10 with the lens set at 170 degrees to cover the action from several angles! SUPER shooting in the gold desert light with the camera mounted on the hood of TheXcorps desert unit - a Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee 4X4 resulting in a killer sharp POV film experience carried by great music!
In this film segment are some sweet custom guitar riffs from amigo hombre Angelo Marruzzi along with a new music video from RIVE video promotions featuring jamming hard ass chick band Hunter Valentine led by Kiyomi McCloskey hailing out of Brooklyn NYC. Great song done called “The Pulse” and the words fit the deserted hostile yet amazing Borrego desert scenery perfectly! Sunrise fog shots down Ca Hwy. 79 into Santa Isabel worked with the music here too!
Xcorps thanks all the musical artists who have appeared on our Action Sports and Music TV show since 2001 we have always featured the music in our action sports TV format.
Stay Tuned for additional DESERT 4X4 Off-road Adventures on Xcorps episode called BORREGO X to be released soon!
Special Thanks to the California State Parks Borrego for their direction in the making of this film. Additional Thanks to Linda Haddock and the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce The Borrego Springs Resort.
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
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Language: English

Length: 5:31

Country: United States