Xcorps Motorsports Barona Drag Racing Action Mix

Uploaded on Wednesday 29 January 2014


Xcorps Barona Drags King of Clubs Drag Racing Action Mix - The Xcorps TV shoot team covered the wild draggin action at the Barona Drag Track in Lakeside California July 16, 2011. This video is a 13 minute mix of the BEST of the day with nothing but roaring engines and burning rubber! Very little tree hugging going on here just lots of high octane gas being burned!
This video throttles up with a wild mix of team club drag cars firing up the spectators! See great chopper X cam shots high above the track! Also Xcorps introduces the first of the to the SWEETRIDES series! Natalie X say HI looking good in the front seat of a 66 Mustang! Stay tuned to see the adventures of all the BANDIT X GIRLS!
On camera host Scott Sommers talks with track co owner and racer Rick Reynolds about his 1971 Ford Pinto - a 1035 HP tube frame drag car! Check out his neck jerking runs down the track!
This video is juiced with music by local San Diego band FANG c/o Phillip Vanderwater. Thanks to So.Cal Paintworks and the Barona Drag track for assistance.
Just another day behind the wheel on The Xcorps!
Drag Baby Drag! 7-2011 release.
A J.S.Edmondson Film TrT-13:30
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So Cal Paintworks Bob Lubke.
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