Uploaded on Saturday 16 March 2013


Xcorps Motor Sports 3 CRUISING GRAND seg.1 HD - MUSIC and MOTOR CARS roll tight in this special presentation just released by XC studios!
From the Xcorps cameras and edit bays come yet another XC SWEETRIDES motor sports video - this one featuring more great classic cars at an event called the CRUISIN GRAND automotive car meet taking place in Escondido California. All kinds of cool vehicles line the streets and for tunes we crank up a new music video from the Ventura Ca gern rock band ROYALUSH doing their political commentary “America Cliché”. Dig lead singer Jacques de Groot’s custom Ape Hanger handlebar mike stand that is all kinds of fun seeing him use it in this video!

Xcorps Sweetrides show host Scott Sommers makes the scene with his sweet co-host Kristina Walsh there to rev things up! They walk the lineup of cars parked along the streets of Escondido talking to the owners of some very nice cars! One sweet ride after another parked along the all American streets with apple pie names like Camaro Mustang Stingray along with more eXotic sleds like a meeting of at least 10 Ford De Tomaso Panetras!

Xcorps host Jason Lazo also rolls the Xcorps mascot car The Unit – a 1971 Pontiac LeMans Sport to this car happy gig also called the Escondido California Car Cruise, which is the largest classic car meet in southern California.

The Xcorps complete half hour program features all kinds of killer rides from Panteras to GTOs to street sliding Chevy’s all set in the California sun in Escondido north of San Diego.
Roll with cool new music video from the RIVE promoted Texas Hip Hop band PLAYDOUGH doing their song “No Angel” which fits right and rolls tight with the classic car action!
Stay Tuned! See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
A J.S.Edmondson Film TRT-2:56
©2013 TheXcorps


Language: English

Length: 2:56

Country: United States