Xcorps TV George Lucas Grand Prix Racing

Uploaded on Sunday 26 January 2014


Xcorps Action Sports TV George Lucas Grand Prix Racing - 
In California each spring the Toyota Grand Prix Car races draw thousands of fans to Long Beach including American film director, screenwriter and producer, George Lucas who races in the celebrity category just for the thrill!
In this segment Xcorps TV host Jason Lazo catches the the creator of the massive film franchise Star Wars and adventurer character Indiana Jones - behind the scenes at the Grand Prix races for a quick interview. Cool rap and great shots of The Force screen character YODA also on location here in the pits advising Mr. Lucas on the race! Check out actor and fellow driver Josh Brolin next to George at the race map!
 Xcorps guerilla style action at its best!

Originally shot 4/2000 Long Beach California USA

Special Thanks to: 
Jason Lazo, Planet X, George Lucas, Yoda, Lucasfilm Ltd., Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix, Suburban Noize Records.
A JSE Film. TRT-3:50
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Length: 3:50

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