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Xcorps Action Sports TV #30.) BMX seg.3…
Fashion Shoot- Marie- Emily Soto Photography…
Fashion Shoot- Sky of Wind- Emily Soto…
Fashion Shoot- The Whispering Tale-…
London Fashion Shoot- Victoria- Emily…
Fashion Shoot- Monique Weingart ANTM…
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My Actions Smack of the Soil

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Thousands of snails doe daily. Thats why i do my best to save them and bring hem to the safety of the forest. They are very gentle……

by Ash_Crimson

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Live Another Day

Anwar Choo

Live Another Day takes place four years after season 8. James Heller, now President, is negotiating a treaty in London, where a hacker……

by anwar-choo

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Ground Water

Muhammad Awais

Introduction All water present under the surface of soil is called ground water this water may be present in the soil pores or……

by awasir

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Elay Concerman Boglosa

Our Words        Our words need to be put into action.  Consider the quotes below I've taken from……

by elay

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Memory vs Imagination

James Figues

What we think greatly affects on the outcome of the life that we are currently living. We can compare our life to a computer. Our……

by _semaj_

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Quote of Moulding

Wu Ming Shi

It is our less conscious thoughts and our less conscious actions which mainly mould our lives and the lives of those who spring from……

by 4xyz

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Habit of Reading

Hikmat zia

My traveling experience has always been fascinating, it’s the learning part that induces the desire within myself for more,……

by Hikmatzia

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Tariq Awan

We are the results of our thoughts and actions, if we think positively, if we are successful in our mind, we are successful in this……

by tariq-awan

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Posing a Model

Emily Soto

I just completed my first multi-country workshop tour through Asia visiting Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and The Philippines. ……

by EmilySoto

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