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The Queen’s Speech 1983 Nuclear War…
Singing Fools "Funkenstrasse"
News Reel: USS Triton
News Reel: Chimp into Space
News Reel: X-15
News Reel: British H-Bomb
News Reel: Vietnam Peace March
News Reel: Air Defenses
News Reel: A Day In History

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The End of the Cold War


On December 3rd 1989 the Cold War was declared officially over - although the precise dates are actually argued, with 1991 being put……

by egdcltd

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How Talk To Your Brother

Ma Josephan Louise Aphrodite

The title seems a bit confusing but it is not. Yes, the title is indeed `How to talk to your Brother` in a manner that both of you……

by jalou

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Yalin Ortis

 Almost all revolutions bring out this barbaric side to humanity, where death and destruction appears to be inevitable. I was……

by yalin-ortis

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