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Super Kawaii! Episode 7
Death as a Character
A Doctor's Job
My Life Oh Roulette
The Alternative Health Cures
Oh Doctor

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Sharafat Sheikh

PUBLIC WELFARE Public wellbeing is defined as a usual receiving of assistance and benefits from the Govt. Our Govt. has a range of……

by sharafat-sheikh

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Milk is perfect food for children , Adults and for everyone in this world milk is necessary for him for his diet.                                         ……

by abidfazal

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My Village Pharhala

Arsal Khan

My name is Muhammad Arsalan I live in a little village name Pharhala. Pharhala is a very beautiful village distance of two miles from……

by arsal-khan

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My aim in life

qamar shahzad

Life without aim is just like a word without meanings, a baby without soul, a lamp without light and an eye without sight. This is……

by qamar-shahzad

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The Internet Age

Abid Rafique

Internet is the power to navigate the world at the click of mouse. This is a great force that is transforming our lives every day.……

by abid-rafique

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Gina Briley

This week, the flu hit my house with a vengeance.  All of my carefully laid plans went out the window, and I found myself canceling……

by GinaB

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