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Akon - The Singer


  Akon - The Singer   Image Credit:   Hello Friends, I hope you are doing fine. Today,……

by Rafaquat

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Ori Gigi

"Lions" Red sun go down way over dirty town Starling are sweeping around crazy shoals A girl is there high heeling across the square……

by ori-gigi

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BLOG #231: Billy Crawford

ako eto

BILLY CRAWFORD (Source: (Source:……

by ako-eto

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The Sing-Off

Gulreyz Ahmed

Singing Competition The Sing-Off  singing competition is basically an american base reality show broadcasting on NBC first time……

by gulreyz-ahmed

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Music Lover's Benefit:

Ma Josephan Louise Aphrodite

My father and I both love music. My father has a band sponsored by his office. All of his siblings have an ear for music and knows……

by jalou

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My very first blog

Emma Baker

Hi I am new to this site so I thought that I would start my blog by telling you a bit about my life. My name is Emma and I am from……

by emma-baker

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My self!!!!


Assalamolekom,, I am mahnoor raja from Islamabad. I am a student of f.a part 1st. My subjects are English,Urdu, sociology, education,……

by shonimano

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Pakistan Idol


Pakistan idol (Jo hai dil ki awaz ) Now days a famous entertainment show named Pakistan Idol .......  is now touching many heights……

by SunnyAbbasiii

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K-pop vs. J-pop

Gene Geter

  For those of you who are not familiar with the abbreviations above the following information will be probably less interesting……

by dancein

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Creativity takes courage (Henri Matisse) Saturday morning. I am being lazy. Thinking about writing a new song... This is always how……

by IvanK

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