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The 2013 Federal Election and Social…
A History of Voter Registration
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New Hampshire Primary Speech: Yes We…
A More Perfect Union
Forging a New Future for America
South Carolina Victory Speech
Iowa's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

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Election 2016


Image courtesy of Election time is near again-oh come on! Don’t be hypocrite. I know, you know……

by shaiera

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رای دادن


سلام دوستان . من دریکی ازمسابقات عکاسی که درموردزنان وورزش است اشتراک کردم……

by Afwebco

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Vote for Yuuki

John Tancredi

A little while back I wrote a short film called "Yuuki" as a part of a collaboration with three other students, Jackie, Sam, and Xia,……

by JohnTancredi

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Changing the Game

Alex Nakone

 Last week I created a poll on my LinkedIn group Alex Nakone Films to find out which topics readers would like to see included on……

by AlexNakone

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